Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Good SEO is about making a good website.

With Google indexing over one trillion websites, it’s hard to stand out.

Many companies offer cheap tricks to cheat the system, but the Google offices are teeming with geniuses, and they’ve seen it all.

In an ideal world, the websites that get the best ranking would truly deserve it.

The real secret to SEO? That’s exactly the kind of world the search engines want too.

Good SEO is about making a good website. A website that

  • uses clean, compliant code;
  • is full of well structured, relevant information;
  • everyone else links to.

Get these things right, and your search ranking improves automatically.

Ethos Online has worked with national retailers and international online publishers in competitive markets, optimising their search engine ranking the real way, without the cheap tricks.

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