Marketing Strategy

Marketing drives every business

Without an effective marketing strategy as part of your business plan, you waste money and effort.

Many small businesses

  • have a website, but don’t know what it’s good for
  • email customers, but don’t tell them about new offers
  • want more traffic, but can’t make more sales

With a comprehensive marketing strategy, you will

  • get more traffic to your site
  • convert traffic to leads
  • convert leads to customers
  • convert customers to loyal advocates

Ethos Online have years of experience in the marketing world, working with national retailers and international online publishers on multi-channel direct marketing campaigns and online promotions.

We will create a complete online marketing plan, combining:

  • market research
  • competitor analysis
  • email capture and lead acquisition
  • database analysis and direct marketing
  • split and multivariate testing
  • tracking and reporting

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